Benefits of Dental Implants

Most people with missing teeth often feel embarrassed. Additionally, if the issue is left untreated, the rest of the teeth might deteriorate rapidly. Well, if you’re looking for ways to replace your missing teeth, you should consider dental implants. Here’s what you should know about them and their benefits.

What Are Dental Implants?

They are replacement tooth roots which provide a strong foundation for removable or permanent teeth which match your natural teeth. Depending on where they are placed in the jaw, the success rate of dental implants will vary accordingly. Currently, the success rate is at 98% and with proper care, they usually last a lifetime.

Anyone can get dental implants, especially if you’re healthy enough to undergo a routine oral surgery or dental extraction. Of course, you should have healthy gums that can hold the implant. Once they are placed in your gums, you should always be committed to good oral hygiene and visit the dentist frequently for proper care and maintenance.

The Benefits Of Dental Implants

1. Improving Your Appearance

Once they are installed, dental implants will preserve the bone and prevent any further deterioration of the facial structure thus improving your overall appearance. If all or most of the natural teeth have been compromised severely or are missing, the jawbone doesn’t have anything left to stimulate bone growth. The body immediately senses that the jawbone isn’t necessary to support teeth and begins dissolving.

As a result, there is rapid deterioration of the facial structure such as the lips folding in, the shriveling of the lower face and development of wrinkles around the mouth. A person will evidently look much older than their actual age. Dental implants can prevent this and keep your smile looking 20 years younger.

2. Providing Immediate Results

In as little as one procedure, you can enjoy dental implants that restore your smile which might have been compromised by missing or damaged teeth. Additionally, you can enjoy a better chewing ability, overall comfort and more teeth stability instantaneously. Of course, depending on the severity of your case, you might need a little more work but the results are faster compared to other teeth restoration methods.

3. Restore Self-Esteem And Confidence

Do you always have to cover your mouth when you’re laughing or smiling to make sure people don’t see your missing or damaged teeth? Has your self-esteem become considerably low because of your poor oral aesthetics? Are you afraid of going out on dates because there are some foods you can’t eat because of your teeth? Well, dental implants will restore self-esteem and renew your confidence. Once they are installed, you can enjoy laughing, smiling and eating. You can go out on dates, attend job interviews and interact socially without worrying about your oral appearance.

4. Keep The Natural Teeth Healthy

Before dental implants were introduced, dentists previously used dental bridges to replace missing teeth. Here, the dentist must grind down the teeth adjacent to the mission ones for the bridge to be cemented accordingly. As a result, the natural structure of the tooth is completely lost and irreplaceable.Partial dentures, on the other hand, have clasps which hook on the adjacent teeth putting unnecessary pressure since the metal framework rocks continuously because of daily activities.

The clasps also cause wear and tear of the remaining gum tissue resulting in more damage. Note that, when you’re replacing missing teeth with dental implants, there is no effect to the adjacent natural teeth. Therefore, there is no damage or compromise whatsoever. Therefore, with dental implants, you can keep the natural teeth in place as well as the original structure.

5. Restoring The Natural State Of Your Mouth

Of all the restorative dental procedures, dental implants are the closest to natural teeth. Therefore, if the entire missing tooth including the root is replaced with a dental implant, then your smile will function and feel like natural teeth. Everything in your mouth will look natural and you can continue with normal functions such as chewing naturally.

6. Improved Comfort

There’s always something missing or lacking when your teeth are damaged or missing. For instance, there are some foods you can’t eat and sometimes it’s always tough to smile or enjoy daily activities. Therefore, with dental implants, you can enjoy improved comfort in your daily activities. Note that, unlike dentures which should be removed before eating or sleep, implants will replace your natural teeth and should remain in place for all the activities. Therefore, you can enjoy the rest of your life without worrying about these teeth replacements.

Of course, to enjoy all these benefits of dental implants, they need to be installed perfectly. That’s why you need to hire the best dentist for the job. Find and experience, reputable, affordable and knowledgeable to make sure you’re getting the best bang for your buck.