Information On Full And Partial Dentures

Dentures have become an integral part of the dental community and what patients have available to them. Those looking to reshape and invigorate their smile will know dentures are a good option.

Dentures are removable replacements provided to help solidify one’s mouth and ensure general function is possible for the patient.

Here is more on the different types of dentures, benefits, costs, and more for those who are intrigued by this as a dental treatment.

Full Dentures

Let’s begin with full dentures as they’re a standard option and one most patients will veer towards.

The premise of full dentures is to provide a full set of teeth that are placed in the mouth after an extended period. For example, those who are looking to get dentures will know their teeth are going to be removed. Once those teeth are pulled out, it is time to put in the dentures.

An impression is made of the gums and jaw structure before the dentures are created in a lab.

Those dentures are then placed in the mouth, and general adjustments are made based on the patient’s comfort. This includes their bite and how it feels in the mouth.

Partial Dentures

What about the other option that is made available to patients who are sitting in the dentist’s chair and want new teeth?

Partial dentures are an option for those who are on the fence about what they’re getting.

The premise behind partial dentures is to place a metal bridge in the area where the dentures will go. This means all teeth won’t be removed and only the area where one needs teeth are going to matter. The metal bridge is put in, and the dentures are placed on top of this bridge.

This can mean two surrounding teeth have to be removed to complete the partial bridge that is put in place. This is where the dentures go. Just like the conventional full dentures, one will go through an adjustment period with the mould being made.

Benefits of Dentures

1) Provide Full Functionality

The primary benefit and the reason most people tend to list involves full functionality. You can bite and smile without having to think about it and without discomfort. This is important for those who know how valuable their teeth are in the long-term.

You don’t want to feel pain and you won’t as long as these dentures are put in.  A great place to look is for an on-site lab like these dentures Bellingham, Washington.

2) Gives Face Fuller Appearance

The face can start to sag if teeth are missing. This is a common sight once all teeth are pulled out. When the dentures are put in, the face starts to look fuller and healthier than it was before. This is important to those who want to look their best year-round.

3) Protects Remaining Teeth

Imagine losing the rest of your teeth because nothing was done to protect them. This is a real concern for a lot of people, but it doesn’t have to be at all. Instead, the remaining teeth are protected when the dentures are put in because they stick in place.

4) Reduces Speech Problems

The one issue a lot of people tend to deal with has to do with speech problems. Due to how their teeth are, it can become hard to speak which is something these dentures put an end to immediately.


How much are they going to cost for those who are getting them? This is a question most people like to ask about dentures.  See this onFacebook – Dentures and Family Dentistry.

It depends on the case, but most dentures are going to settle in the $3000-5000 region depending on the case itself. This is going to include the extractions, mould creation, and placement of dentures.

It is important to take a look at the value of dentures whether you’re going down the full or partial route because there is a lot of value. Those who get them start to see the benefits pour in and that is a must for those who are serious about their teeth.

Why settle for inferior teeth when you don’t have to?

Full and partial dentures are highly recommended and a great way to change your life for the better.